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To repair or replace ... guides that is

By Jim Tapp,
Goodson Tech Services Manager & ASE Certified Master Machinist

Thin-Wall Bronze-Liner ready for installation in a valve guideIn the April issue of Talkin' Tech, we discussed measuring your valve guides to determine if they're within serviceable limits. This month, we'll get into the various methods for repairing and replacing guides. These methods include:

  • Knurling
  • Installing thin-wall bronze guide liners
  • Replacing insert guides
  • Modifying the valve guide to accept oversize valve stems
  • Replacing integral guides with false guides
  • Installing BronzeWall 2 coil-type liners

By the end of this article, you should have an idea of the pros and cons of each method. But regardless of the method you choose, it is essential that the valve guide be centered to ensure all components align properly. It's also essential to clean the head thoroughly BEFORE assembling the valves. Any debris or metal chips left in the head will cause premature failure. >>read complete story>>

Erik Shepard, ASE Certified Master MachinistQuick Tips from the Techxperts™

Take care of your measuring tools and they will take care of you
from Jim Tapp , ASE Certified Master Machinist

Back when I was teaching at Riverland Community College (Austin, Minnesota) my students found that one of the easiest ways to get me steamed was to not take care of their measuring tools. A machinist is only as good as his tools and that extends to his (or her) measuring tools. Here are a few guidelines that every competent machinist should practice:

  1. The precision machinists level comes equipped with a vial cover. Use it. The glass vials are VERY fragile so you need to make an effort to protect it. Remember, even a small crack will allow the alcohol inside to evaporate over time. When the level is not in use, be sure you have the cover closed. You'll also want to keep it stored safely where a tool won't accidently get dropped on it or it won't get knocked to the floor.
  2. Use the case that comes with your micrometers to protect them from damage. I don't know how many times I've seen micrometers tossed into toolboxes with no protection, only to hear complaints about their readings being inaccurate or impossible to read. Well, duh.
  3. Properly cared for and stored micrometers will provide years of serviceA micrometer is NOT a C-Clamp. It is a precision measuring instrument and should never (let me say that again, NEVER) be used to hold parts together for tack welding or anything else.
  4. Keep your micrometers, dial bore gauges, calipers; okay, keep all of your measuring tools clean and well lubricated. The only oil that you want to see on your measuring tool is the oil that YOU put there for lubrication. Honing oil or any other solution can carry dust and debris with it that can get into the gauges and interfere with accuracy.

I'm sure I could keep going, but you get my drift. Machinists measuring tools are an investment, and some of them carry a hefty price tag. Take care of them so you don't need to replace them, or worse yet, you won't need to replace a head or block that you ruined because of inaccurate meaurments reaulting from poor care of your tools.

Techxperts™ Top Picks

An inspection borescope from Goodson is invaluable at the track or the shopInspection Borescope

I was recently at Roxboro Dragway kicking off the first event as title sponsor for the Pro Top Outlaws Racing series. I brought along a variety of Goodson products to show at this event. The Inspection Borescope was a huge hit among the teams.

Borescopes are versatile tools designed to let you look inside the engine while it's assembled. Use a borescope as a diagnostic tool to:

  • Check cylinder assembly for scored or burnished finish
  • Check for flame travel on piston tops
  • Check oil consumption, rings, valve guides, etc.
  • Use for port matching

We carry Borescopes in three sizes – 4mm, 6mm and 10mm. High resolution and high clarity optics let you see into areas you couldn't otherwise reach. Each size has a clip-on mirror to pinpoint leaks and flaws in manifolds, combustion chambers, differentials, catalytic converters and more.

Here's what Brandon Booher of the AB Construction Pro Top Outlaw Dragster team (and ultimate winner of the first race of the season) had to say:

Between rounds maintenance is enough of a task as it is. When we thought we had to pull a cylinder head for a melted piston, making the next round was in serious jeopardy. Using our Goodson borescope, we were able to determine everything was A-OK. With the cost of getting to the races, parts and everything else associated with racing, you can't put a price on a tool that can literally save the weekend for you.

Buy a borescope nowIf you want more information about our Borescopes, check out pages 7 and 133 in our 2008 catalog, email me or give me a call at 1-800-533-8010.



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To repair or replace ... guides that is

Take care of your measuring tools and they will take care of you

Techxperts™ Top Product Pick – Inspection Borescopes

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